Strategic Consulting

Interwoven Sports Group's consulting practice works with sports and/or educational organizations to maximize their business and operational performance so their teams, students, and staff can perform to their highest level of ability.

Our consulting engagements help them generate revenue, optimize operations, improve marketing and recruitment, and increase customer retention in a rapidly changing consumer, media, and technology landscape.

Here are the types of problems we encounter  with our consulting services.  Our team of professionals will work with you to overcome these issues and help you start enjoying the benefits of running an organization again.

  • Poor Marketing - Many organizations just don't know who their customers are or how to find them. We do. Our marketing includes everything from brand awareness, to outreach across all forms of paid, digital and social media.
  • Program Stagnation - We have seen many instances where a club or organization has burnout with their staff and volunteers which has resulted in decline in terms of numbers and performance. We engage with you to reenergize your organization and your customers and let you focus on the things in your life that you want to.
  • Customer Retention - When a program stagnates, customers leave. This makes your job doubly hard because you now have to go out and recruit more families to replace the ones you lost. It's always easier (and cheaper) to keep your current customers than go find new ones.  We help you do that with proven methodologies that works in today's chaotic youth organization landscape.
  • Program Growth - We have seen many times when a program is flatlining because they don't offer any new programs or have any idea how to expand capacity. Our team will work with you to develop new programs and ideas to grow your organization to keep up with what today's families are looking for.
  • Financial Loss - Many of these problems lead to financial loss and lack of profitability. This causes organizations to make short term decisions that may not be in the best interests of the organization and the business. We take a fresh look at your organization and put you back on a plan to profitability.
  • Owner and Board Burnout - We have seen this countless times where well-intentioned people stay too long.  This causes many of the problems we have discussed above. We work closely and confidentially to help augment your board and also work with you on an ownership plan that will let you focus on the things you want to.
  • Volunteer Management - Managing people who work for free is a very difficult thing to achieve.
  • Team Performance
  • Staff or Coaching Training & Recruitment
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